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M2Eclipse and Web Tools

Posted by Mike Haller on Friday, March 19. 2010 at 16:40 in Eclipse
M2Eclipse and Eclipse Web Tools don't play along nicely. I can't blame the Sonatype people for not having the resources or the focus on WTP Integration and that they cannot officially support it full-blown - it's complicated.

But as many people develop for the Java Enterprise Edition platform and many people using Maven and many people use Eclipse WTP, i think we as a community should discuss possible solutions.

Here are my $.2

Visual Twitter

Posted by Mike Haller on Friday, October 30. 2009 at 18:02 in Eclipse
Visual Twitter with Eclipse ZEST and Neo4jPlayed a bit with my own twitter client and pimped it to visualize replies. It uses Neo4j for the relationships and Eclipse GEF ZEST for the visualization. New incoming tweets are analyzed for @-replies and integrated into the graph in realtime, but animation is missing and manual layouting is still needed to get some clear structure (see first screenshot).

The Radial layout algorithm does a good job though, but it's not the perfect solution for this problem (left side). Applying first the Radial layout and then the Horizontal Shift layout however shows a nice effect (also added profile images):

Eclipse Console limit

Posted by Mike Haller on Monday, March 30. 2009 at 23:10 in Eclipse
Over years, i extended Eclipse's System.out Console view limit manually to 1MB, so there's more of the log file output to read than just the default of 80kb, which is just too little for the usual clutter of enterprise application logging.

Today, a fellow developer showed me how to circumvent the limit. She pointed out that there's a checkbox to disable the limitation of the console. A neat little checkbox and I missed it for years.

My eyes probably just scanned over the preference dialog and did never recognize it. But see for yourself, it's right there and always has been:

Keyboard Shortcuts

Posted by Mike Haller on Tuesday, February 24. 2009 at 07:45 in Eclipse
Nice to see that Chetan Kumar Kotha found out about Ctrl-PgUp and Ctrl-PgDown in Eclipse IDE.

However, there's a small caveat here: it doesn't work if one of the open files is an XML file. Let me explain: While tabbing through the open editors using Ctrl-PgDown you come accross an XML Editor (or in fact any other MultiPageEditor) which will then grab the tabbing focus to its child tabs. Within the same editor, the next Ctrl-PgDown will lead to a switch from "Design" view to "Source" View.

Eclipse Summit Europe 2008, Part 2

Posted by Mike Haller on Thursday, November 20. 2008 at 21:18 in Eclipse
Eclipse Summit Europe 2008, Part 2

The day (Thursday, 20.11.2008) began with the keynote of David Wood from Symbian. He talked about why mobile software must go open source and how they're going to approach it or already doing it. Some time in the future, they're going to move on to the SFL and EPL licenses with their 40 million lines of code. He sees the claims of the open source community to be for example "faster time to market", "more eyeballs looking on the code" and lower barriers of collaboration. They seem to focus on the lower barriers. He gave a short overview of some licensing models, including weak and strong copyleft. Interesting was the part about the "Six laws of fragmentation", where one solution is clear leadership for the coding together with a powerful platform, which is therefore unlikely to be forked. As forks would be fragmentation. He sees Java as one sort of "intermediate layer" to hide OS diversity from an application.


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